Thursday, February 5, 2009

AGRICOLA (French edition)

I bought a board game, AGRICOLA (French edition) last month.

When I was in the U.S., I wondered if I should buy one, but eventually I missed.

Playing boards

I joined some board game parties in Paris and played many kinds of games.
But when people start playing Agricola, I just watch them playing it.

I managed to play games if I don't need to read or speak in French during the game.
I still have problems to play games asking me to read a lot of French words written on the cards like "Shadows over the Camelot".

So, I decided to buy one "to study French", I mean, to play the game in French with French people.

French edition is published by Ystari


The 16-page rule booklet filled with a bunch of French words.

The cards written in French. There are 360 cards! If I translate one card per day, it will take almost 1 year to finish them all....

Well, I'll set out to translate the rule booklet first of all.

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